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Always, always accept good advice. As long as it doesn't interfere with your original plans.
Author Unknown

👩🏾‍💻 The Plan

Dec 4, 2002 4:32am EST/NYC


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The Plan by Tamra Cronin
The Plan

By Tamra M. Cronin © Copyright 2002


This morning 11/04/2002 after not being able to sleep because of "human" nonsense, which is painfully everywhere, I started thinking about just that: "humanity". I said, you know what's funny, God each day created something more and more beautiful for 6 consecutive days, He worked OVERTIME and didn't stop because it was important to Him. First He made light come out of darkness — powerful, the heavens and the earth &mdash core foundations...then, the most beautiful things the eye can behold: the oceans, and birds to fly above and look down and marvel at God's creations...sea and land creatures with unique and amazing characteristics.

Then...after creating 4 things that neither of us could EVER outdo, God sat back and said, "OK, lemme think about what I can create that would outdo all of the other 4 things." So God created Man. God created Man in the image of Himself to rule over the world, to respect all that is beautiful and all that is priceless, including his own self. God was like "Oooh snap! Yo, I gotta have more of these 'bad boys' and I want 'em just like this, unblemished, untarnished and uniquely the image of perfection, but identifiable from one another." Then, God said, "Yo, bet, I know...". God then, using a piece of the foundation of a creation that cannot be outdone by anyone else, God created Woman. He created Woman exclusively to make more of His beautiful creations, so that the foundation would continue to be created repeatedly until the end of time. God stood back and marveled with wonder, shaking His head and looking down with joy on His incredible creations. Then on the 7th day, God chilled because He felt, "that's IT, that's the stuff, can't do nothing better than that" and He sat back and rested.

Then...on the flip side, along comes a hoodrat, a hater, who knew how important these creations were to God. So the hater set in motion, and eventually in Man and Woman's mind, the ideas of all the harmful things that God's creations were capable of doing, things that would not only disappoint God, BUT break God's heart — which you know is just "low down" and "foul". The whole time, the hater's thinking, "yo, if I take Man and Woman away or make them do things to break Him, I've got Him where I want Him, and He'll have nothing left to marvel at, and He will be sad (miserable like the hater)". So the hater said to Adam and Eve, 2 of God's originals, "yo, lemme holla at ya for a second...", then revealed something that made Adam and Eve say "yo, word? well dang, He told me I couldn't do that, He lied to me. OK, thanks for looking out, Imma try that", making them forget WHO they were a part of, and how powerful they would STILL be without the ideas being told to them by the hater. So the hater set in motion all the ideas that have led to the destruction of God's most beautiful creations, to the point where the destruction became more and more creative everyday.

Today, I see sadness, multiple divorces, hatred, bombings, shootings, murders, rapes including of children ("get 'em while they're young"), selfishness, scorn, greed, envy and every thing that is wicked in the eyes of God all around me. Even when presented with the opportunity to do right by others, that God also feels is [are] priceless, mankind still turns the other way from God and creates more havoc. I thought, why can't people get up each day, which is a blessing, then say, "hey, God made me in the image of Himself, I am a priceless, unique treasure on earth, not to be destroyed and not to contribute to the destruction of others like me."

Which side are you on? Think about that and then go forward with your day. Hopefully, you are on the side that counts. If not, what are you waiting for, more cheese? God will give you everything you need.

Author: Tamra M. Cronin
Copyright © 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Not to be reprinted, distributed or published without written consent from author.

All of these words,(grammatically incorrect and all 🙆🏾‍♀️) literally came into my head approximately 3:30am on November 4, 2002 as I was standing on the balcony looking at one of the clearest skies ever and feeling somewhat surreal. Something kept nagging me to write them down just as "spoken". I did. Later after sleeping, which I had not done in days, and forgetting all about the words after waking up, I read what I had written ironically at the lowest point of my life, when I thought no one was there. 💞 It was the day I started eating again, decided to go on with life, taking and appreciating each day made available to me.

Background music (for those not in the know): My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me - Geto Boys

Recommended Listening:
This Battle Is The Lord's by Yolanda Adams, or Take Me To The King by Tamala Mann

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🔗 The Plan

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