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The Venrock-Drawdy Law Petition

Thanks to other organizations hosting and distributing the petition. It and your support is greatly appreciated.

My Experience With Venrock & Drawdy

This information was written in 2001. Look at our economy now, and look at the banks bailed out for making one mistake after another, **all** associated w/Rockefellers and Venrock. Zero accountability!

Please support the online version of this petition to install harsher laws and penalties for bankers and investors who provide funding to organized criminals, hustlers and cheats without ethics or morals.

Personal lives are destroyed from this type of negligence. In their greedy self-serving rush to more millions, especially from 1999 until 2001, many investors provide millions without verifications to organizations which do not have credible management, credible products or a product/business plan to execute, and managers with public records of fraud and deception and IRS liens from fraud and deception. These managers are also granted access to personal employee information, which is also used for fraudulent purposes. The investors win either way by writing off the investment as a loss and collecting a tax break. Meanwhile, credible companies in need of investment are not reached out to or ignored.

As a result of the fraud, the "worker bees" receive nothing, except grief, loss of faith in corporations and more. Employees are lured into the organizations under the promise of working a specific job for a credible organization only to discover daily the fraud which is occurring within the organization. Their only options are to participate with the fraud out of fear, or suffer the consequences financially from not particpating and "whistle blowing". Not to mention the economy has no sustainable goods which would create more jobs and exportable goods as a result of funding millions to frauds.

In many cases, the corporate frauds are even paid to leave the organization, such as the case of Venrock - a Rockefeller Family partner, Massey Burch and BayMark Partners (formerly Hook Partners) which paid a convicted securities fraud, Channler Drawdy, a generous sum to leave a funded company with the option to continually profit from companies with codes of ethics and government ordinances (Sony, MTA of New York, ADP, UBS Financial, Honeywell, Nokia, Delta Airlines and more). Other investors associated with the convicted securities fraud paid off include CrossBridge Partners, SAP Ventures, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, RedHat, MySql, Hewlett-Packard, and Hitachi. What is funded is the daily immoral, illegal and unethical behavior of the current management all hired by the convicted securities fraud. While the employees harmed by the fraud are disregarded as "insignificant" per Venrock and its associates.

More Info:
What Venrock, Massey Burch, Hook Partners, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, RedHat, MySql, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi and others are investing in
Channler Drawdy, the fraud who keeps on getting and getting at the expense of consumers and tax break of Venrock
Dept. of Justice Corp. Fraud & Accountability Act 2002
The Ponzi Scheme - what Drawdy did PRIOR to being rewared with millions from Venrock, David Hook/BayMark, Bill Earthman/Massey Burch and other SteelEye Investors
SEC to Supervise Hedge Fund Industry

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Venrock-Drawdy Corporate Fraud Petition

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