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Steven Elmore -
Zurich Insurance, SF

Find a soul and quick, time's running out. Zurich has all the evidence and facts, but their employees apparently were ex-jurors of the original Rodney King trial and strongly believe Elvis is still alive. They were the insurance company for SteelEye Technology | LifeKeeper.com. More than anything I just wanted them to waste their time and money and put more attention on SteelEye for their screw ups to come. I knew going into it, no decision would be made in my favor as their job is to charge for insurance, not pay anyone for damages as a result of even their own negligence. Steven Elmore claimed my stress and physical pain was due to moving to South Carolina (you think?!) and a friend who recently died, and further a "personal problem" (oh yes, he did go there!). Nothing could possibly have been related to any intentional stress caused by Drawdy after having major abdominal surgery then throwing up for months as result of a suspended employee (Drawdy) who made false statements under oath to a judge and got fired the following day, but only after the long-term damage was already done.

My friend who died and the State of South Carolina didn't try to break into my house, like Drawdy Gawdy did. Don't ask me why Drawdy tried to enter my house unlawfully, that's another mystery. I guess it's the same reason why there's a blood trail 5 states long with Drawdy's name on it.

My friend who died and the State of South Carolina didn't previously defraud investors of millions. My friend who died and the State of South Carolina didn't force the founder out of the company because they wanted Drawdy to roam freely through the company, harming anyone in his path. Ironically, this claim was filed prior to contacting the SCHAC, but dragged on for months like the SCHAC. And I let it, the key being waste their time and money, like they wasted mine. And ironically, SteelEye's statements to Zurich were completely opposite of statements provided to the SCHAC, but remember, SteelEye is above the law, perjury is not a punishable offense, kinda like "adultery". And like Deloser, they contacted no one related to the claim, including others who suffered a great deal more than me. But Steven did have a wonderful vacation during the time the claim was "being addressed".

Turns out Zurich avoids at all costs to pay any claims for anything major (fire, theft, death, etc.). They find loopholes, claimant faults ("the claimant is not dead, just in a deep state of sleep, like Elvis"), or anything to avoid paying a claim. How else would they be able to become a financial giant as a result of not distributing money out to clients who are charged the most for insurance.

The only responsibility taken towards Drawdy was to pay him to leave, but, of course, not out of Zurich's pocket! Oh and get this, when obtaining the documentation for the book, Steven Elmore is, drum roll please, OUT ON DISABILITY. No doubt NOT being paid by Zurich. Talk about irony.

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