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Troy Reed, Kisha Choice a.k.a. Karen Briggs, Lisa Graves, Ronnie Reed

Thank goodness I'm on this side of the water. I've met people from the Bronx out in California, but they were hard working Italian Americans, Spanish Americans and Irish Americans. Boy have things changed. I hate the Bronx, but now that I'm no longer taking out trash, I never have to go there again.

One of first persons I met out here surprisingly at an investment seminar was a complete fraud and joke named Troy Reed. Troy was hanging out with a friend who was actually working, but lied and stated he was a producer. This guy is collecting social security for his supposed bad heart, while pretending to be a producer and sleeping with at least 3 to 4 women per day. He's even trying to promote a false story glamorizing the shooting of law enforcement officers.

The women in Troy Reed's life are what make him who he is. First, his mother is a daily liar, while saying things like "praise the Lord". She even lied to Reed about his father. The man Troy grew up believing was his father was not. A married man his mother had an affair with was his father. Thus, the start of Troy's immorality. Then there's the desperate women who don't think they can do better but settle for an illiterate, ex-drug dealer, and domestic batterer.

Troy Reed is not only conning the social security administration, but the IRS. He recently stole large sums of money that he has not reported to the IRS, nor ever will. He claims to work as a producer and thieves by deception from women who are unsuspecting, and provides the money he steals to Lisa, Kisha and his mother. Everything illegal he ever purchased or obtained in an illegal manner, he placed in his mother's name. Funny, how a woman who lives in a rat infested apartment can afford to buy a BMW, a barber shop and various other expensive things. Reed even joked about a woman he conned up to $50,000 from, leaving her suicidal from his continual abuse. He even had the nerve to try and start a business with money he stole from her.

God, where do black people like this come from? This is NOT what Dr. King and other civil rights activists died for -- so people like Reed and his friends can be the best hustler they can be and be free to do it! And the first words out of Reed's mouth is racism when the working world doesn't bow down to him. Black people down south lived in horrific conditions and had no laws to support them, but they worked together, they obtained any job they could until things got better and they lived to see a better generation for their children. And because of what they suffered through with dignity and grace, it makes you appreciate your life and want to give back to them, and let them know being mauled by dogs, having fire hoses sprayed on children (which is like the tearing off of skin), being spit on, raped at will, hung from trees and other acts to stop them from buying property, voting, thinking or learning how to better themselves and all their struggles were not in vain. So again, where do people like Reed come from, the Lost Tribe of Ingrates? Reed is only creating a future generation of con artists.

Troy Reed's mentors are convicted murderers and drug dealers. He spends his day watching the movie "Gotti" and figuring out ways to con and manipulate people. He has been lying so long, he doesn't even know who he is or how to stop. Poor guy. He's even manipulating his way out of paying for the many children he's fathered, at least 8 by 8 different women.

Well, you know what they say, good guys always finish last, but at least you can respect them more. Nothing is more vile than a person who lacks integrity, morality or a conscience. No amount of money will make him the "good guy" he likes to believe he is. Sad to see a wasted life as he serves absolutely no purpose to humanity, unless his purpose is to harm others.

List of Reed's public record accomplishments with the assistance of Lisa, Kisha, Kat and his mother, yet, surprisingly, still thinks he's the shit! But instead doesn't realize he's just shit!

  • Creates smoke screens to obstruct justice, which is just wasting tax payers money and valuable police time that's taken away from a robbery, unsafe child, rape or other harmful crime. Has very smart detectives thinking he's being harassed by a derranged woman, KNOWING damn well he was part of a convicted murderer and cop shooter's fake hit for hire extortion ring. Is clever at creating smoke screens, like the fake hit for hire list which put a judge's life in fear and cost tax payers a lot of money to provide around the clock protection, not to mention having a judge and woman live in constant fear for their life just to cover up the fact that he was stealing money and using a variety of victims to help cover up his illegal activities. Yup, that's Troy Reed a man who likes to believe he's a "good guy" and law abiding citizen.

  • But deceit can only last for so long, eventually, the game will be over. During this fake hit for hire game, deposited over $100,000 from extortion in various bank accounts, including in his own name, before skipping town after removing the money. Used several people he conned with his fictitious company StreetStars to launder money through. Hopefully, he'll have to pay back every cent of tax dollars wasted with dumb smoke screens to cover up his own crimes. And hopefully he'll realize that true success comes from hard work and honest efforts, not deceit, death threats and theft by deception. Doesn't even have sympathy for Denise, the woman he intentionally moved in with SOLELY to rob her to buy the video equipment to promote a fabricated story. Even had other foul women in on the act who also didn't do anything to protect Denise.

  • Domestic Battery - Felony conviction for beating his girlfriend prior to his marriage. Had to take anger management classes and vowed to destroy any woman who ever hurt him again. But loves his mother who lied to him about his father. He grew up believing one man was his father only to find out his mother had an affair with a married man, and that man was his father.

  • Beat his ex-wife severely, a nice lady who was simply questioning Mr. Reed, her husband, about his whereabouts after he disappeared for days with other women. Bragged about wrapping a cord around her neck, punching and choking her. Says his daughter who lies for him as well, claimed it was his ex-wife's fault because she shouldn't have approached him. Teaching his daughter how to be successful liar and wonders why he's not allowed to see his son.

  • Continually provides false information to law enforcement officers regarding his date of birth, his employment and other information to evade and con police officers.

  • This could be a lie since it was reported directly from Mr. Reed, but he entered a pre-NBA prep school in No. Carolina, the same school with NBA players Jamal Mashburn, Malik Sealy and other well known NBA players. During his time there, Mr. Reed decides to rob a Footlocker store at gunpoint. Had helicopters chasing him until he was caught. Says he was definitely stealing things that fit. Says his mother worked out a deal for him, so he woudn't have to serve time.

  • Sold crack cocaine as a teenager. Proud of this because he was able to buy a barber shop which he placed in his mother's name. Bought several cars with cash, all placed in his mother's name. Refuses to obtain a driver's license. Says if he's ever stopped he'll only receive a warning. Loves driving other women's cars that he can't afford to pay for.

  • Bragged about stealing cars for a living. He'd steal the car and receive cash back from a chop shop.

  • His mentors are convicted murderers and drug dealers and cop shooters. Mr. Reed relies heavily upon these men for advice and direction. His best friend and the love of his life is a woman named Lisa, who did time in prison on behalf of another man. Rumored she is having his seventh, eighth or more child. Lisa allows Mr. Reed to use her blue Kia Sportage to date other women. Mr. Reed spends his days at the home of a convicted murderer's niece engaging in all sorts of sexual activity. So you can see why Mr. Reed loves Lisa so much. Gee, he gets to be shady, irresponsible and get his nookie from several places and get paid for it. Because Lisa works for the Office of Child Support, he doesn't want to disrupt his relationship with Lisa as she's a benefit to him in so many ways.

  • Has fathered 8 children by 8 different women. Suspect there may be more, but he's lost count. Says it's a blessing, while the state has to pay the costs for his children. He refuses to pay child support and says that as long as he's collecting social security, there is nothing they (his "baby's mamas") can do. Also, while collecting social security for a bad heart, sleeps with up to 4 women a day and poses as a producer.

  • Defrauded a woman named "Denise" who lives on 42nd Street. Left her broke and devastated to the point where she attempted suicide. He defrauded her of up to $50,000. Purchased the video equipment and a variety of clothing that he's using to pretend to be a producer with while collecting social security. Brought other women into Denise's home while she was at work to have sexual relations with. After he received the funds he needed, he moved on, leaving Denise with a lot less money and a lot less faith in men.

  • Claimed to have graduated from college, but can barely read or write, including his own name. Claimed to have worked for Oppenheimer Funds as a Funds Manager. Says he was fired after his felony conviction was discovered. Says he indicated his conviction on his application. I doubt that since he's such a deceiver.

  • Claimed to have worked as a substitute teacher, while having sex repeatedly in the broom closet with another teacher. Bragged about it because she was an Italian American.

  • After giving a woman a bad check, he disappeared and used other women who applied for credit in the woman's name to harass the woman and make death threats. Told the woman, she'd better get with the program, or suffer. He even files a false police report in the woman's own neighborhood. Mr. Reed certainly feels he is above the law and can con and deceive anyone. But he's only building a big case for repeated theft by deception.
Wall of Shame

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