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Victoria's Secret

A Palisades Mall salesclerk interrogated me for several minutes over a personal check TO MAKE A PAYMENT because it was a personal check which didn't have a full address on it!!! The salesgirl also asked me if the check was some type of government check. Oooooh. Do you mean like "welfare"?! I asked her if she understood that I was making a payment, as in handing money over to your company. Her intelligent response was "I don't know what your problem is ma'am, but it's my job to use common sense." I just stood there with my mouth open, thinking it must have been her day off and she was just stopping in! But I can't fault her because it's obviously her upbringing that made her so suspicious of people wanting to give money so freely. Or maybe THAT is the "secret" Victoria has been hiding so well.

I could understand if I'm using a questionable check to purchase something, but I've made payments previously and had the account for years. I just happened to get lucky and get Ms. Sherlock Holmes on my ass that day. Yeah, let's see, I hand her a Victoria's Secret card and hand her a check. I guess there was one more clue missing to complete the crime. She then, in her "Sergeant Friday" voice, insisted a clerk phone the Victoria's Secrets judges for a decision, while I'm standing there tapping my fingers on the counter saying inside "this has got to be the stupidest person on the face of the earth, somebody get a camera quick!". After a consultation with the judges (her mom, I'm guessing), her carefully thought out response was, "she'll take the payment this time, but next time they won't be able to without an address". Huh? What? I asked to speak with a store manager, she, ummmm, wasn't available. I asked for a number for Customer Service, which ironically is called "Client Relations". However, their office is closed on weekends. When I called the client relations department the following day, the salesgirl had already called first and said I was upset and all she was trying to do was her job. Ummm ... I don't recall being upset, I do recall laughing inside, as in trying to figure out what the salesgirl was trying to do, other than wasting my time. I hort ha wittle pheelings, I guess. Bad paying customer, bad paying customer!

The real, really, very real irony is the salesclerk was training a new employee at the same time. I paid off and cancelled that account immediately. Obviously, customers who want to pay their bills are not valuable customers. Update: Victoria's Secret's Client Relations apologized for the interrogation regarding the payment as that was inappropriate, however, I should have not been upset by it. Yeah, that's fair, the sales girl created and controlled the paying customer situation, so why should I be upset by it, "she was just using common sense".

I'll find my cute little thongs elsewhere. Frederick's here I come! There's also lots of cute little boutiques here in New York City, so who needs 'em anyway!

Wall of Shame

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