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Miscellaneous Wall of Shame Inductees

Former President Andrew Johnson

The nicest thing I can say about him is that he's gone and I'm quite sure had to answer to God for his actions. He reneged on compensations for African-Americans after the civil war. I personally blame him for "freeing the bird with a brick tied to each of its wings". He refused to allow African-Americans the right to vote and DID NOTHING to protect the rights of African-Americans, despite promises made and already in the process of being honored, and started by General Sherman. I hope he's experiencing all the pains and sufferings three times more than what African-Americans have suffered since 1865. When given the opportunity to do right, he punked out and took the "sorry, whites only stance", while enjoying the benefits and profits of slavery.

Strom Thurmond

Turned 100 years old on December 5, 2002. He finally died so he could meet up with God and express his views. That should have been a great pay-per-view event. First, I'm sure he had to make it past the person standing at the gate blocking his entrance. But I'm guessing it took so long for him to die because there was an on-going meeting between God and Satan about who wants him and a decision still can't be reached. Or maybe he was actually dead and someone was propping him up during Senate hearings.

Update: I do believe God won the pay-per-view event. And now a black woman has come out of the woodworks to claim she is his daughter. Well damn, what white pro-slavery confederate politician DIDN'T sleep with the hired black help? Perhaps we should focus on that surprising list instead.

Jesse Helms

"The Most Admired Conservative in Congress". Yeah, alright, whatever. OK, his name could have been combined with Strom Thurmond as it's redundant. But when his time comes, as he's also increasing in age, I may want to post a "Hallelujah! Clap yo' hands and stomp yo' feet, praise the Lord's 'cause he's now got permanent heat!" or "Hell Has A New Guest!" update. Ok, that was a little mean, but not as mean as "whites only", fire hoses on civilians, and related situations of hate:
• Bull Connor, • the deaths of Emmett Till, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, Carol Robertson, Denise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley and more like them
• and so many other uncompromising incidents of the south.

Non-voting Blacks...

How many people had to die for the right to vote? Not just black people, but whites as well. Then, the first thing that happens when a sorry politician is elected is "complaining". If you don't participate in the election process you can't complain, and are partly to blame for any problems occurring within your voting district, or hell, your country! Yes, YOUR country. We've now been here too long to continue acting like second-class citizens whose voice does not count. Too many innocent men, women and children died just for the simple rights that are taken for granted or outright ignored.

Wall of Shame

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