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Lorena "Dice Master" Bobbit

Wait...she cut off a penis, then tossed it and got away with it by claiming insanity? If she was crazy she would have grabbed a butter knife or spoon. THAT would have implied to me that she wasn't thinking right. Instead she opened the drawer, searched for the RIGHT knife and even tested it before proceeding to cut off his penis. She then got into a vehicle, which required a thought to open the door, then drove, which required more thinking, then tossed the penis far into a grassy area, again, requiring thought and concentration. THAT thought process isn't something you can do if "insane".

Ok, I know we don't sever body parts daily, so I'll give her 1 point for the insanity defense, but on a point scale of 1 to 100. If she was carrying the severed penis around in her purse and it just happened to fall out while she was in a store line purchasing, say...a TV Guide, a Snickers and diet soda, then I'd buy the insanity defense. If she wasn't able to think properly, AGAIN, she would have attacked John Wayne Bobbit with a fork, butter knife, spoon, salad tosser, can opener, Easy Bake oven knife set, GI Joe survival kit, etc., etc. I would not be surprised if she sharpened the knife daily waiting for the right moment as it came off so easily (ouch!).

Girlfriend, WE DO NOT CUT OFF VALUABLE PIECES OF EQUIPMENT!! IF IT DIDN'T WORK FOR YOU, PERHAPS IT WOULD HAVE BENEFITED SOMEONE ELSE, like "Maria Scott". She wouldn't let any penis go to waste like that! She's got 3 places for it!

Well, Miss Lorena is very lucky I wasn't a juror. She'd be serving 25 to life for attempted murder for a well planned and thought out ambush.

Wall of Shame

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