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Larry Davis

Whew! Thank goodness for prisons! The next time you see a corrections officer, hug 'em, because man, they are baby sitting some of the worst mind sets on the face of the earth.

Larry Davis likes to refer to himself as a "hero". He also likes to refer to himself as a political prisoner. Well if he's a political prisoner, I'm voting TWICE next year to make sure the same politicians keep up the good work. This man is less of a hero than a sandwich! What's shocking is hearing people praising this man as a hero for being a rich drug dealer and a murderer, as if that's a good thing.

In the late 1980's Larry Davis became a drug dealer. He claims repeatedly he was forced into it by law enforcement officers. Yeah, sure someone forced him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars which he keeps telling people he has buried somewhere. He then claims after selling drugs only 3 times, that he tried to back out of the relationships and corrupt cops were out to assassinate him. John F. Kennedy Sr. was assassinated, this negro was just shot by cops doing their job.

And the sick part is he was ACQUITTED of shooting cops. He worked the system by setting himself up for a self-defense claim. This acquittal has made Larry a folk hero in the Bronx, and a martyr against police brutality. Larry somehow escaped the shootout and was on the run for 17 days. The only mystery about Larry is what he did for 17 days. He then claims he turned himself in based upon a promise from the F.B.I. I'm guessing his dumb ass returned home to retrieve the mysterious money he has buried and probably walked right through the front door.

Since his incarceration, several big name music artists have written songs about Larry and big name companies have approached him about re-creating his life story. However, none have spent enough time with him to know that the heroic nonsense is just that: nonsense. After about a month, hell a day, with Larry, you'll discover that he'll say anything to anyone and do anything harmful to anyone. This behavior wasn't learned in prison. According to his childhood friends and some family members, he's been this way since childhood.

While it's true massive amounts of drugs can be smuggled into the country, the question is "how did Larry become involved?". Larry came from a stable home environment and his mother raised 13 kids without selling drugs. She should be the hero. I'm guessing Larry saw the profits other drug dealers were making from crack and jumped on the money making bandwagon. Larry has a serious Napoleonic complex - he loves power, loves to have his name and picture in people's face, and get this, he hates laws and cops, who he considers "the bad guys". Yeah, I guess if I'm making thousands a day illegally tax free and someone who's legal job it is to uphold the law comes along and wants to shut it down, I guess I can see his point...NOT!!! Since when does getting up and going to work everyday and paying taxes make someone a bad guy. And if any cops were involved in the drug dealing, hell, can you blame them? "Let's see, bust my ass against trash like this everyday and get taxed to death for it, or cash in tax free on some of this drug dealer's business....hmmmmm."

When you first hear about Larry, it's usually regarding his beatings at Riker's Island. You're moved, concerned and want to do something to make sure it never happens again. Well, now I'm pretty sure I know how those incidents transpired, as in it wasn't a one-sided attack. Larry is a menace. He doesn't care about others, right or wrong, and will even hurt his own family to get something materialistic. He hasn't spent one good day in jail and hasn't learned anything. And what he hasn't learned he's trying to pen in a biography which includes nonsense such as the "Columbian drug lords gave him a helicopter". Now..would that be the same helicopter he used to escape with. Well, if the Larry Davis story is ever released to video, it will be a comical farce. Only Snow White and The Gingerbread Man would believe his nonsense, that's if the Easter Bunny tells them it's a true story.

Larry Davis is a reminder of how we need to look at who we call our heros, and how we define our value system. He's also a reminder that before calling someone a hero, we need to look at their most outstanding accomplishments or sum of all accomplishments. Someone who runs into a burning building to save someone: hero. Someone who runs to sells drugs and shoots cops for it: NOT a hero. Someone who works an honest job for their family: hero. Someone who lives everyday for self-gratification, glory, fame, money, deceit, hate, and greed: NOT a hero.

Wall of Shame

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