Wall of Shame Inductees

California Judge Joseph Garcia & SteelEye Technology's Kevin Berry

"Trust Us" With Your Critical Data

•Stellar Solutions, Inc., Channler D. Drawdy: Notice of Intent to Invoke Administrative Sanctions (7-26-02)

Everyone who knows Channler Drawdy and read Judge Joseph Garcia's response was in shock. Judge Garcia deemed Channler Drawdy credible. Yes, Drawdy, a man who lied his way into the organization. Had someone had enough sense to run a credit check on Drawdy prior to his being allowed to waltz in as an executive VP, a lot of people wouldn't have been grossly affected, unless the company was intent upon hiring someone with liens from previously defrauding other investors and being sued from defrauding others.

Yes, Drawdy, deemed credible. Some asked if Garcia was a looney! I couldn't deny this. But in the voice of "Rain Man": "Yeah, definitely crack, yeah, 2 minutes to crack pipe time." When employees filed unemployment claims (INCLUDING THE PERSON WHO HIRED DRAWDY AND LEFT BECAUSE OF HIM) as a result of Drawdy's outrageous and drug enduced behavior, Judge Joseph Garcia stated and put it in writing, that credibleDrawdy was a credible individual and believed every word Drawdy stated. He also stated his decision to deny PRE-PAID unemployment insurance only to me was based solely upon my reaction to Drawdy as a surprise witness, especially since the company was to keep Drawdy away from me.

Judge Garcia also stated his decision was not based upon performance, especially since he had copies of performance awards and company-wide praises sitting before him. After discovering that Drawdy was dishonest, all copies of his document have mysteriously disappeared from all records. There's no meeting notes or other information, other than his decision which is maintained by the State of California. Even they are still searching for the document of evidence to support his decision, but have had no luck for over 2 years.

I also found out that Kevin Berry, SteelEye Technology's "accountant" and acting HR manager, purposely placed Drawdy before me, even after the request was made to keep Drawdy away from others, especially me, AND knowing I was recovering from surgery. Berry is a sick, soulless man. His "family jewels" are in Drawdy's display case as he obviously doesn't need them attached to his penis. Berry knew very well that Drawdy was retaliating for witnessing him and Maria Scott engaged in appropriate activity, and could have prevented it. What was ironic is I didn't care about what Drawdy and Maria did personally and thought I made that clear each time Drawdy called about "I want to talk about what you saw". I moved there to work for a friend, not get involved in "Drawdy Gawdy Gate". However, Drawdy was fired immediately after the hearing, which another California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) judge stated spoke directly towards credibleDrawdy's credibility. However, Garcia's decision couldn't be reversed. I would have had to go through a long 6-month and costly Supreme Court process to have it reversed, however, no new evidence could be submitted. Only the tape of me vomiting with Drawdy on the phone could be used. However, upon hearing Drawdy's voice, I immediately questioned if he was authorized to be present. Judge Garcia, without investigating Drawdy's employment status, allowed Drawdy to be present and the meeting to continue immediately.

Basically, Judge Garcia fucked me and didn't even offer dinner first or a cigarette afterwards. I had no income for over 9 months, while recovering from surgery, had to abandon my house and couldn't use my insurance options that would have paid my bills if I were terminated through no fault of my own. I truly hope that what goes around comes around really quickly in Garcia's case. He was very smug in his decision to support a thief and con artist like Drawdy. No bank would trust Drawdy with a $1 dollar loan, but Judge Garcia can be a character reference for him. I wasn't physically present as the ENTIRE meeting was conducted via conference calls, so I can't confirm if he was actually hitting the crack pipe during the November 28, 2000 CUIAB meeting, but I would suspect if his office is searched, there's a joint or crack pipe in there somewhere.

Garcia isn't fit to judge a Pepsi Challenge. But hey, at least he's a working crackhead, unlike Drawdy. I know Drawdy was high as a kite during the hearing, so why shouldn't Judge Garcia join in with his crack pipe. Drawdy's voice was the usual "I'm so drugged and drunk right now, I think I'm the Supreme Dictator that I call myself daily"! Drawdy often called many employees at late hours drunk. He drank like a fish, even during work hours. Hey, the IRS wants to know if Drawdy submitted any of the funds he swindled from investors to Judge Garcia in order to influence his quick decision, they want to make sure it's taxed properly or get it to cover Drawdy's liens. Or, and this is just a theory... perhaps Maria Scott was under his desk servicing him during the hearing, as he couldn't hear Drawdy's recorded statement which contradicted ALL of Drawdy's statements during the meeting. Drawdy didn't know I kept a copy of a voice mail he'd left me the day before my last day. Judge Garcia claimed he couldn't hear Drawdy's voice and wanted to end the meeting. Yeah, it's either crack or I guess you can't focus on hearing when someone has your penis in their mouth -- you definitely wanna concentrate (see Lorena Bobbit)!

Perjury charges against Drawdy would have been exhausting. The entire hearing was recorded by the CUIAB, of which I received a copy and forwarded a copy to the others who were suing Drawdy personally as CONCRETE evidence of Drawdy's shady and untrustworthy character. He certainly couldn't deny his own voice on tape when trying to prove he wasn't a lying character. For every statement Drawdy made, there is a written SteelEye document or pissed witness to prove otherwise. (Check out of some of Drawdy's priceless e-mails.) And I went into a deep state of shock after the hearing and didn't feel like dealing with more Drawdy-Gawdy Gate Drama. I was also supposed to be taking it easy WITH a MORTGAGE to pay, something Drawdy wouldn't know anything about as he likes to cheat not pay bills. Drawdy in his standard mode of conduct, contested the claim, while he himself was on suspension. As a result of the hearing I was vomiting severely and was in major pain for about 2 months after the meeting. I didn't see a doctor as I mentally couldn't even leave my house. I was hoping I'd just die as the transition would have been unnoticable. I didn't even know anything about the community I'd just moved to a few months before Drawdy-Gawdy Gate unfolded. My neighbor, who was a registered nurse, was worried about me daily. My house was always dark. I never left it and when she saw me getting my mail, which I only got weekly, my color was gone and I'm black! I was also losing weight. Inside the house, I just felt safe. No perpetrators like Drawdy, Maria Scott or Judge Garcia could enter and create problems (and boy was I wrong about that). But I couldn't stay in the house forever. Life had to go on.