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Elsa Perez Mocerin

Schizophrenia at its finest. This woman had so many delusional illnesses, I think she died and came back to work the next day. Elsa had "issues". Apparently, she harassed an employee at PSI (the modem company which previously manufactured the PowerPort and ComStation modems and FaxSTF software) so badly, that the employee punched her, but ELSA was fired! And can you believe she was a rape crisis counselor, well, that's what she said. She needed to have a counselor sitting right along beside her. But she and Drawdy need to hook up. They're a perfect pair. She comes off like an innocent "bunny" (with unseen vials of crack stuffed between her cheeks), while behind people's back she's manipulating these grand schemes and playing one person against the other, people who actually liked her as a friend. Last I heard, she fell out in the company restroom and had to be rescued, but was at work the next day, no doubt for more drama. According to employees who had worked with her at Apple and other places, she always said someone was after her, or out to get her, so everyone would try to help her out, only to find out the person didn't exist or was trying to avoid her as much as possible. And her poor husband had to stand by and pretend through each illness and plan she came up with.

After Elsa was fired from PSI, she later applied for a position at Global Village a few years later, where I was working. When I was asked about her as a candidate, I simply spoke about her work, which I'd only received information from customers who called after she left and some of the employees who worked with her. I figured she's not an axe murderer and it's just a job, so only spoke positively about her, mentioning nothing of her firing or how I knew her. I think I also felt sorry for her and wanted things to go well since one of the two times I'd seen her was the day she was fired. I felt truly sorry for her because she was bawling, while all the other employees were like "oh well". I was thinking, "oh my gosh, what's wrong with these people". Only to find out first hand that Elsa brought it all on herself. Apparently, I was her replacement at PSI, but no one said anything until months after joining the company, which is when I also found out about the infamous "punch out".

At Global Village, Elsa was obsessed with me for some unknown reason. Daily she'd inquire directly or indirectly about every detail of my life. Buy the book because my employer doesn't pay me to discuss my personal life, which you're more than happy to hang out after work and see my life up close and personal! Maybe my genuine kindness to her was unusual to her so she obsessed over how someone can actually care about her well-being and not be "out to get her". Or maybe every time she saw me, she was reminded of the day she was fired. Who knows, who cares. In the end, I had to treat Elsa with "kit" gloves. She could never appreciate anyone or anything because of her illness, and it's not like she didn't have a support system and people around her who tried.

Wall of Shame

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