Wall of Shame Inductee

Dwayne "Bob" Williamson
SteelEye Technology Inc.

"Trust Us" With Your Critical Data

See also Drawdy, Garcia/Berry, Delyn Fiyarson, Rindy, and Maria -- other coverups for Drawdy.

One manager, Bob Williamson, was hired at the SteelEye company start by one of the 11 employees who was told by NCR, "leave NCR and work for SteelEye, or you don't have a job" (ouch!). Bob is openly gay, but only when it's convenient, so he proudly hides his gayness until it's convenient. Click here or the image of Monty Burns to see a strikingly familiar Mental Evaluation. They're also physically similar to each other, right down to the handling of his pen in meetings.

Bob's real "Monty Burns" self came shining through one day. The company managers were reviewing salaries for upcoming raises. I was given a list of my employees' salaries and was disturbed by one of my most valuable employees having one of the lowest salaries. I also noticed the small increase for him, as suggested by Bob and Rindy Abdelnour, AND not even discussed with me prior to their decision (the "California" manager will do as she's told on this case I guess!). I immediately requested a larger increase based upon experience, knowledge, value to company, etc. Bob and Rindy fought against the increase with only deceit in their hearts, another common practice. Their reasons were non-fact based or work-related. It took an unexpected phone call from me to Drawdy and another executive to get this employee a fair raise.

After my employee received his raise immediately, Bob saw him talking with another employee who reported to Bob, AND immediately assumed they were disclosing salaries or increases to each other. They also talk everyday, and also talk to other employees daily. But because Bob's a scandalous 'mofo', Bob's assumption became an open derrogatory accusation when the employee who reported to Bob, AND WHO'D PREVIOUSLY HAD A DISCUSSION WITH BOB ON THE SAME MATTER, came back to Bob, AS SCHEDULED, to discuss the upcoming raise. Ironically, his employee scheduled a meeting after the upcoming increase announcement because she felt she would not be treated fairly because Bob had a history of unfairness. And she was right. Bob refused to grant her an increase and worked with Drawdy to cheat the employee. He made up some excuse about "wait until after she receives her Master's Degree", while hiring others less experienced and qualified and paying them more at the same time. She was a black female, the other employees Bob hired were white, one of whom did not have a master's degree. At one point it was almost as if Rindy wanted to say "Tamra, down here, we don't pay our blacks equal to whites", but she instead said repeatedly "Tamra, this isn't California!", a state which is hated severely by Rindy, Bob and just about every other right-wing person hired by them. Bob even referred to the executives of SteelEye as "California" and stated openly in a meeting (forgetting I was present) "when 'California' arrives it's a disruption." But when it came time to kiss "California's" butt for more money, his lips were ready, willing and able!

After Bob openly and falsely accused the two employees, the situation became out of control, as only Bob can do. Bob also made his employee cry at her desk. I had nothing to say to Bob because my only thought was "this guy's a pure ass!" Bob wanted to "discuss" his screw up with me. I think he needed to discuss and amend his screw up with the employees he falsely accused, not me. But they were still "nothing" to Bob. Why he chose to call me night and day was dumbfounding, because as far as I was concerned the matter was "yesterday's screw up, whatcha planning today 'cause I need to be prepared so I won't strangle your little butt?!"

To make matters worse, Bob called me at my home number. (SteelEye published employee's home numbers and even obtained a confidential phone list of NCR employees and published this openly. Instead of actively recruiting elsewhere, whenever a new hire was needed, they'd just go through the NCR phone list and call someone. When NCR sent a formal legal complaint about this problem, following Drawdy's direction, Rindy gathered the employees together "to get our stories straight", i.e., "lie", and "how to lie to get more employees from NCR hired".)

Bob was actually calling my home number OUTSIDE of the apartment gate. He was demanding to see me. He said he'd feel better if we could talk face-to-face so he'd feel comfortable knowing the matter was resolved to HIS satisfaction. He even got Drawdy in on the act such that when Bob wasn't calling, Drawdy was calling to explain the "psychological possibilities of Bob's behavior." WTF?!! It was Saturday night and a Sista' had plans which didn't involve Bob or Drawdy. I reminded Bob and Drawdy I had plans, as in don't have time for this nonsense. Since when do people screw up with others and you have to get involved to help them feel better about it. When I moved into my house, I specifically refused to provide my new home number soley because of Bob and his self-righteous activities.

Not that Bob is innocent, but Drawdy stalked "Little Bobby" as he called him (he's about 5'5"), around the office and his home, and Drawdy openly stated Bob must be the female side of a homosexual relationship because he's a "catty bitch". Drawdy used Bob as his alter ego when he didn't want to accommodate an employee with something like a fair salary. Or Drawdy worked behind Bob (which is kinda hard since Drawdy is about 300 lbs and Bob is about 120 lbs) to prevent another employee from entering a marketing position, then later worked with Maria Scott to have the employee fired, but, of course, blamed someone else who was not present (me) for the employee being fired. Bob and Drawdy were identical, hated each other on some days but were partners in crime on others. Drawdy even called me laughing about how he brought "Little Bobby" to tears. He was like "Tamra, you should have heard his little ass crying." And I was like does anyone else know this nonsense is going on?

Ironically, "Little Bobby" replaced Drawdy, so I guess he's "Big Bobby" now. Big Bobby's "life partner" is or was Jim Sears, who published a book titled something like "Growing up Gay in the South" with a confederate flag on it. Sears was a professor at University of So. Carolina and is now a professor at Harvard. The flag should have been burning with people stomping on it to pay more of a tribute to General Sherman not the same right-wing believers keeping him conveniently in the closet.