Wall of Shame Inductee

EEOC/SCHAC's Delaine Frierson a/k/a Deelane Fryumsun

UPDATE: 03-2005 Per Delaine Frumerson - "there is no documentation whatsoever on file in regards to SteelEye Technology and myself. They have no records of anything." And the other statement, which contradicts SteelEye's public statements: "there was never a lawsuit filed against SteelEye on my behalf". I guess Rindy's shitting bricks trying to come up with another lie to cover her original lie.

CUIAB Judge Joseph Garcia's "Crack Babe"??? Ask me if I care about spelling her name right, as she never even bothered to read mine, let alone evidence presented to her! Ok, so after being wronged by Channler Drawdy of SteelEye Technology Inc. and Judge Joseph Garcia, I contacted the South Carolina Human Affairs Office (a division of the EEOC) and filed a formal complaint against SteelEye. It seemed like a fair thing to do. Well, stay with me, because life is really NOT fair. When I spoke with Carla of the SCHAC office, about 2 minutes into her pre-screening questions, I just started crying. I could barely reveal what happened. She was shocked and truly wanted to help. She couldn't understand how a woman who was out having surgery, and after witnessing Drawdy and Maria Scott behaving inappropriately, can be forced out in the same week as returning and WHILE still on medical restrictions (basically, I wasn't supposed to be in the office until 5 weeks later). Well, too bad this HUMAN wasn't responsible for handling the matter.

Delanie received all the evidence regarding all the details of SteelEye. My case SAT unattended by Delackie for months. SteelEye Technology refused to respond, mainly because they were buying time to avoid paying a fine as they were reeling from the losses of 15 $150K+ managers for a group of 30. (By the way, SteelEye laid off the workers and kept the expensive managers. I'm sorry, where's that profit again?) When Delousy finally contacted me, it was to state "she didn't see a claim or any wrong doing". She had all the evidence, including witnesses, the audio recording of Drawdy and witnesses to contact. She contacted no one. I even presented evidence regarding the unfair salaries and hiring practices, something unrefutable.

Delayie's response was "she didn't see a problem or issue". Maybe it was under her seat that she sat on daily. Did you check there? And she even had the nerve, gall AND audacity to defend the confederate flag to me (see Rindy Abdelnour's memo from the SC Chamber of Commerce regarding a "Keep It Flying Boycott").

Ok, so it's all clear now. Instead or with Maria Scott (twosomes are out, threesomes are in now), she was under the desk servicing Judge Garcia during the CUIAB hearing, AND during his 1-minute decision making process, and they hit the crack pipe together. Even marijuana couldn't have impaired their judgement had they actually did a little investigation. Maybe she couldn't see an issue because the problem wasn't related to "crack" and getting more "crack" so she couldn't understand it. Her arm must be tired from lifting that crack pipe daily. To make matters worse, her ghetto attitude on the phone was disturbing. It was like "girl, I ain't got time fo' this, I got other thangs to do!" Like smoke crack, I suppose.

I contacted the district EEOC office in Charlotte, NC to discuss "Ms. Frierson's" handling of the case, but because of the time in which Delaine took to resolve the matter, the statue of limitations was expiring. My options were to spend time and money trying to find a lawyer I can trust after all I'd just been through, then after finding one, spend a great deal of money suing a company that may or may not exist, or put it in God's hands because I don't think I should have to sue a company that claims to be an EEOC employer with integrity and that is associated with Venrock, which is supposed to have a great deal of integrity. Oh and get this, to keep employees afraid of any perceived legal action, Rindy Abdelnour, the "acting" HR Coordinator, sent a company email WITH INTENT TO LIE AND DECEIVE (which seems to be an easy task for her) to employees indicating that I had filed a lawsuit against the company along with the departing founder. Funny, I wasn't aware of that, so I sent an inquiry to HR as to how it was going and who was my lawyer for the lawsuit. Perhaps it was a guardian angel acting on my behalf and I was to be kept in the dark about it? Yeah, that's the ticket. But the female lawyer for SteelEye became very close friends with the male lawyer who represented other people who received smaller settlements than Drawdy did when he was paid to leave SteelEye. So I guess something good came out of it!