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America Online a.k.a. AOHell

Also known as Antichrists Online. Not sure how to find pornography on the internet? Don't feel like searching for porn and want to kick back and let it come to you? Well sign up for AOHell!! You will be sure to receive nonstop unwanted solicitations for pornography. You're a Neo-Nazi or white supremacist and need a place to spread your word, well, sign up for Antichrists Online! You hate the U.S. Government and need to tell someone why? Sign up for America Online!

Never have I seen a service heavily advertise by any means necessary, only to find out it's the largest avenue to distribute and advertise pornography and hate. You can't go to a store, open a magazine or retrieve your mail without seeing an AOL advertisement package. Each time I receive information directly, I shred the pamphlet and destroy the CD, but keep the cute metal case if it's sent in one!

However, recently, I tried the free AOL evaluation period, mainly to see how it handles web page content. No sooner did I sign on, I began to receive chat invites obviously from someone I didn't know. I'm like what the hell, it's free! Well, sometimes you just have to say no, even when it's free! Upon accepting the invite, the message received was advertising teen pornography, specifically "...come and watch teen girls finger each others' pu**ies for free! No credit cards required!". Turns out it was an automated script, which AOL accepts no responsibility for. Yeah, sure. Or they don't know how to prevent it or they're either contributing to it. My guess is it's the latter. Porn DOES sell and we have yet to hear about layoffs and downsizing in the porn industry. Shortly after this message was received another invitation was received from "julie7839". Julie wanted to invite me to view her webcam and gave a URL. I used "whois" to get info about the domain, it's registered in South America, but uses AOL to promote its services and sits back and waits for the profits to come in. In the one hour I was logged on, I received 15 chat invites, all promoting similar porn activity.

So then I go one of the local city chat rooms, to see what kind of folks are in the area. There were kids and adults in the room having innocent conversations (stuff on TV, sharing jokes, and talking about local news). During their conversations, robots were repeatedly sending messages to view their nude pics, view their webcam or visit and/or sign up for their pornographic service. I thought, well maybe it's the room, so I tried another one which I would have least expected to see porn robots distributing info. Even in the Christian chat room, porn ads were distributed repeatedly. NICE! Again, AOHell accepts no responsibility, they're just the avenue for the heavy promotion.

Then if it wasn't a porn robot advertising her service, a white supremacist would enter the room and start saying "ni**er this, ni**er that" or "jew this" or "jew that". Nice to see the white supremacist was attacked by all in the room to the point where "it" had to leave. The most infamous one was "swoogiehater". I think this is a child with serious issues. The FBI needs to find this person quick. He hates America and everything about it and said the 9/11 disasters were comical to him. Again, Antichrists Online is not responsible, they're just the avenue for it.

When attempting to cancel the service after 1 hour, I was over solicited by an AOL representative to keep it. However, no responsibility can be taken for the overwhelming pornographic ads which just pop up. Their advice: just don't accept the messages, or just ignore the robots in the chat rooms. Yeah, but how do you ignore before it prints its ad? AOL had "no comment", and again, accepts no responsibility, they're just the avenue for it.

Funny, with just the FREE Instant Messenger program, I've never had that problem. The moment you enter the AOL sponsored communities through their service or even with Instant Messenger, you are subjected to the ongoing porn robots. Again, AOL accepts no responsibility, they just provide the communities which promote porn and hate, even when children are present!

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