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Wall of Shame Inductees

EEOC/SCHAC's Delaine Frierson & SteelEye's Rindy Abdelnour

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Rindy had this document faxed to the office. My first conversation with her included a statement that the confederate flag was part of the heritage. Yeah, heritage of hate, heritage of evil, heritage of stupidity. Rindy lives in West Columbia, SC, a place where the confederate flag flies proudly on cars, homes and office buildings and especially over every Maurice's BBQ restaurant where she makes sure she takes every white executive to when visiting the Columbia, SC SteelEye Technology office.

Rindy even attended a "Take It Down" rally, however, I wouldn't be surprised if it was to spy for the klan. You know how you can tell how racists the parents are? By their children. Their children only spoke to the white employees when they hung out at the office. They just looked me and other black people over, as if we were "nothing" as taught by their Christian mommy and daddy. The most shocking conversation was about "how pure her white blood was". Yeah, pure hate, pure stupidity, pure asinine. But it's good her ancestry didn't mix with the real population. Whew! Scary.

When I explained to Dehoochie that this memo was offensive and an example of the blatant unprofessional boldness, she asked in her ghetto voice, "what does the confederate flag have to do with SteelEye?". Oh nothing, nothing at all. You head over to Maurice's and apply for an executive job and find out. Or move next door to Rindy. I'll bet she'll be running right back to her own SCHAC crying about how demeaning she was treated. Then again, they may need house negros like her to keep the "we're not racists" front going.

And compromise? Take the sh*t down and there will finally be peace, that's the only compromise. It doesn't belong in front of any government building. Put it in a museum with other old relics where it belongs.