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Access to this portion of the site is free. However, acceptance to the following terms and conditions must be accepted before authorization is allowed.

You, "user", agree that this information is the personal information of Tamra M. Burgess, "author". This information is not to be redistributed in any way without the expressed written consent of author. However, if one of the inductees has harmed you in any way, contact me for permission to use the factual information as needed to prevent the inductees from harming others.

The details contained in the Wall of Shame are from factual personal accounts (except where noted) and incidents, and public information. Other details are related to opinions of public incidents and public records. It is NOT slanderous, or else in the last 20-years, I would have heard from one of the Wall of Shame Inductees, who have been my most frequent visitors and who chose to hide behind fake legal threats to ISP's (while BROKE) to prevent their harmful activities from being exposed. If you don't agree with my personal experiences, there is nothing I can do, as the experiences happened to me, not YOU.

If you're a Wall of Shame Inductee (sneaky, sneaky, sneaky) and don't think your name should be here, you're joking right? Gee, let's see, your INTENTIONAL (YES, you WAKE UP just to do harm to others!!) harmful actions cost me my livelihood, home, car and savings and the death of a long-time friend. If I can't at least write about the experiences you helped to create, then what good are they?

If you're an inductee who expects me to go away quietly after all the harm you've caused, put that crack pipe down and think again. Hmmmm, lemme think...suffer in silence or expose you for the fraud that you are...tough decision...hmmmm....what to do?? Let's just say you're very lucky this is all I've done, and for once you're amusing others. If you have any complaints, look directly into a mirror, or contact me directly and I'll try to give a damn. If anyone else is contacted directly instead of myself, these terms along with other information will be provided to show evidence of consistent harassment and malicious activity against Tamra's Web Place as it's your typical nature to pull behind the scene backstabby stuff to cover up your gross activities. Or better yet, try and correct your mistakes and your name just may be removed! Or just stay away from the site.

Access can be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Wall of Shame
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