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Welcome To The
Wall of Shame
A Members Only Community

Enter Wall of Shame

And thanks to Bob, Rindy, Maria and Chan for their continued support and visits to the site, and giving everyone such hilarious material to write about!

It's not what each of the persons did that landed them onto the Wall of Shame. We all make mistakes. It's what each did AFTER their mistakes (cover ups, excuses, non-acknowledgement, praising God, and more) which raised numerous eyebrows, tempers and more.

Members Can:
  • Find out which investment companies recently and repeatedly GAVE, without investigation, millions to a shady character (IRS liens, bank fraud, money laundering and domestic battery) and how investors repeatedly watched the money disappear! ANNNNDDD he still gets to profit from a venture in which he ran through millions in months BEFORE being PAID, yes PAID, to leave! Living proof life ain't fair!

  • Find out why Ms. Bobbit is not a hero! Find out why she should be serving time for first degree assault and attempted murder!

  • Find out Victoria's secret...hmmm!

  • Find out about the California employment judge, South Carolina government rep (your tax dollars at work), and major insurance company which helped a very questionable organization currently trying to sell you software on the market now! Find out what your dollars will really be supporting!

  • Find out how one "Steal-Eye" South Carolina female executive really advanced her career, AND her friends' careers!

  • Hmmm...could your name be listed? Only one way to find out...

Preview Now!

Enter Wall of Shame. Membership is free.

Or buy the Wall of Shame collector's item book now! Features unique graphics and additional information regarding many of the inductees.

Juicy, juicy stuff! A guaranteed "eye opening" and enjoyable reading experience, especially for investors and financiers!

WARNING: Not responsible for uncontrollable outbursts of laughter, putting a smile on your face, falling asleep from reading too much junk, or "anger".
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