Sun, Jun 23, 2024 11:05PM EDT

A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them. // P.J. O'Rourke

How Much Are You Worth In Nigerian/E-mail Scam Dollars?

Less than $5 Million (These are our liars! Implement Operation Pockets Check! It's On!)26%
$5 to $10 Million12%
$11 to $20 Million12%
$21 to $50 Million17%
$51 to $75 Million12%
$76 to $100 Million8%
More than $100 Million - So Do NOT Crowd Me13%

Why Are You Keeping Those Millions A Secret?

So Busy Focusing On Gas Costs, No Time To Count My Money22%
I Want To See How Well I Can Live Without It14%
My Accountant Quit - Got Tired Of Counting My Money8%
I Do Not Want My Neighbors Coming Over To Borrow More Than Sugar17%
My Kids Are Crumb Snatchers12%
I Do Not Want Oprah, Warren Buffett Or Bill Gates To Start Hating On Me13%
Hiding It From The Feds Until I Can Move It To Switzerland13%

Now That The Cat Is Out The Bag, What Is Your Next Big Purchase?

Tank of Gas28%
Loaf of Bread13%
Gallon of Milk20%
Lottery Ticket14%

Total Disclosers:   76

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