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Top Ten Signs Your Case Is Falling Apart

A Good Wife's Guide

Hoodrats of America

Now this is funny! Thank you, Kathy for sending me this!!
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The Real War Coverage.
Long Beach In Da Hiz-ouse!

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The Real Advisory Alert System - memorize it, it can save your life one day!

Need extra cash? Become An Internet Cam Hoe! Just a few easy steps and you're on your way.

Get Pimped! Pimp Daddy's Yo Mama Snaps and Accessories (so that's where pimps are buying their uniforms!)

Tech Support Prices
geek humor, but this is so true, especially the passenger pigeon packets (PPP/dialup) with large files dramas.

OddTodd.com A funny cartoon about a guy who was recently laid off. Check out other new cartoons and information as well.

rejectionline.com Your new best friend! (Check out the online preview) This works out great for those special times when "not interested" just isn't enough. It's New York based, and now appears to have expanded. I just hope we don't get to the point where we're saying, "remember the days when 'hell no' was free?".

www.jibjab.com - Funny political cartoons.

excuselist.com - Excuses, you can never have too many.

jokecenter.com - Lots of jokes in lots of categories.

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