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My Favorite Things

Comedy Houses

•Rooster T. Feathers - Sunnyvale, CA
•The Punchline - San Francisco

"Hang Outs" In New York City

• Tiki Room - W22nd & Broadway
• Blue Fin - Times Sq
• Lemon Bar - 5th Av & Union Sq
• The Coffee Bar - Union Sq West
• Delta Grill - Hell's Kitchen on W48th St. & 9th Av
• The Fat Black Pussy Cat - The Village
• Duke's Bar & Grill - off 5th Ave./Union Square
• Favorite deli - The Great New York Deli - Chelsea - OMG it's closed! building bought out by new company and sold!! that same staff has been with the deli since I moved to NYC in 2001, like a family. DAMN!

Places In Other Areas

• The House of Blues - New Orleans
• Just about everything in the 16th arrondissement - Paris, France
• Ome & Shinjuku, Japan
• The Art Bar - Columbia, SC
• Sono Sushi - Mountain View, CA (My weekly lunch and dinner place) voted best sushi place in the south bay

Gifts & Things To Buy Or Try


The Scrap Stop for a great custom made scrapbook and other craft accessories. It's owned and operated by someone with a lot of integrity, so you know you'll get a great product along with excellent service!

Continuing the legacy of the world's greatest comedian, Richard Pryor, and his love and rescue efforts for animals worldwide.
Personalized high quality posters created with personal photos of your pet. Capture your favorite pet moment with a wall poster!

Books, Books, Books
The Shaping of Black America by Lerone Bennett. Everyone of every race should read this book. Racism as we know it today would not exist. Apparently, slavery was not the intention of the original founding settlers, as evident by my own ancestors. Blacks and whites lived and worked side-by-side, with each being self sufficient. Birth and marriage records for blacks were allowed, and blacks were equal paid citizens. Both Irish and Africans came to America as indentured servants, receiving income for their services. Then, some "genius" decided more labor was needed to build up their dream of America, and free labor was best, which became America's long-standing nightmare. There is a reason why blacks were chosen as the "free" labor, but read the book and find out! There's even interesting government documents copied in the book.
The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou. What can I say about Maya that hasn't already been said. But this is a wonderful autobiography. And the people she has met and befriended in her lifetime, one can only dream about. Ain't I A Woman edited by Illona Linthwaite. This book was a gift and has become a permanent part of my heart. It demonstrates the beauty and power of women on so many levels. Angel of Darkness by Dennis McDougal. Now this is a classic example of "unless you live 24/7 with a person, you really don't know anything about them." Randy Kraft was a model employee while committing horrific murders along California freeways, even on business trips. (Thank goodness Wall of Shame Inductee California Judge Joseph Garcia wasn't the presiding judge or else Randy Kraft would be a free man now!)
Racial Matters by Kenneth O'Reilly. Several years ago, I bought this at an interesting used book store in Santa Barbara near UCSB. It sat on my shelf for 4 years, but when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Reading this book gives a great deal of insight about our government, the FBI, and why certain attitudes of intolerance exist today. The most unforgettable incident was a SHERIFF'S OFFICER knocking down and kicking a visible 6-7 months pregnant woman, with a 1 year old in her arm, a 3-yr old being held by the hand and a third child standing by. She was visiting her husband who was jailed for participating in civil rights activities. She suffered a stillbirth. Her name was Marion King, wife of Slater King. The sad part is this incident is only one of hundreds of heinous incidents involving all levels of government during the same 1950s/1960s civil rights movement. No doubt the officer went on to retire from law enforcement, probably receiving a memorable outgoing party, and paid for by his local government. The south needs to correct a lot of wrongs! Like Carolyn Bryant wanting to live out her remaining days in peace and quiet. Carolyn Bryant is the wife of Roy Bryant, the degenerate who killed Emmett Till. Peace was never given to Emmett. She's very lucky I am not near her! I'd be a Jehovah's Witness from hell, on her door night and day, and I'm not even a Jehovah's Witness!! She'd never have a moment of peace.

Music & Artists
Pretty much everything except that "I'll cut your heart out and feed it to your mother" crap. But favorites and what I play regularly:
  • Brother Marvin Gaye
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Tweet (I'm so glad this beautiful sister hung in there!)
  • Maxwell (all CD's regularly! GOOD STUFF from a fine brother!)
  • Tupac
  • Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
  • John Coltrane
  • Yolanda Adams
  • Patsy Cline
  • Rufus & Chaka Khan
  • Snoop Dogg (the Doggy Style CD is still the shiznit, especially tracks 5 & 18!)
  • Phyllis Hyman
  • Prince (Dirty Mind, Purple Rain, Girl 6 Soundtrack, Come - one of these is always in a CD changer)
  • Duke Ellington
  • Janet ('any time, any place' is intense, along with tracks 9 and 12 on the All For You CD)
  • Missy
  • Van Morrison ('Into The Mystic' all-time favorite song ever)
  • Chante Moore (my "chill, lay up in the cut, I ain't got nuffin' to do but listen to this" music)
  • Pink
  • Brandy
  • Bob Marley
  • Sam Cooke ('A Change Gon' Come')
  • Donny Hathaway
  • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  • Patra
  • Isley Brothers (fixin' my afro puffs now!)
  • L.T.D (original LP's are tucked away safely in a vault in an undisclosed location ;o) )
  • Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
  • Doobie Brothers - Minute by Minute is the ultimate road trip CD
  • Teena Marie (Irons In The Fire could outplay most of the new music of today any time, any place)
  • Sugar Hill Gang
  • The Temptations
  • The O'Jays
  • Frank Sinatra ('Summer Wind')
  • Baby Face
  • Sade
  • Led Zeppelin (favs are III - 'Since I've Been Lovin You', IV & In Through The Out Door)
  • Otis Redding
  • Luther Vandross
  • Rolling Stones ('Sympathy For The Devil', 'Waitin' On A Friend' are favs)
  • Aretha ('Rock Steady', 'Angel', 'Ain't No Way')
  • Wynton Marsalis
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Fugees (The Score)
  • India.Arie (Little Stevie Wonder and a future LEGEND!)
  • Jill Scott
  • Whitney Houston (still my favorite diva)
  • Bobby Brown ('Don't Be Cruel' will always be a jam)
  • U2 (Rattle & Hum)
  • Neville Brothers (my peeps!)
  • The Roots
  • Beethoven
  • Ludacris (fun-nee!)
  • The B-52's
  • Carlos Santana ("when I come home...bay-bee" and I am so in love with the Super Natural CD, esp. track 4)
  • Minnie Ripperton
  • Journey (still rockin' my t-shirt from the Baton Rouge concert in 1981)
  • Willie Nelson
  • Mariah Carey (after a heartbreak, have a chat with God, then slap on her debut CD, and everything will be alright)
  • Rush
  • Janis Joplin ("Maybe" is an all-time favorite)
AND I BUY MY MUSIC FROM RETAIL STORES! It's the *only* compliment to pay to an artist or writer who worked on a masterpiece you enjoy. No BOOTLEGGING, no BORROWING, no "SHARING"! And I can enjoy all these artists commercial free on the 800's music channels on DirecTV (musicchoice.com).

And some of my favorite things to do with music:

Lionbrand.com, JoAnn's & Michael's. and now my custom made baby gifts, scarves, hats and blankets, will be combined with products from The Scrap Stop. Hmmmm, Snoop Dogg or Led Zepp and knitting? I guess it is possible. Well..lemme knock these Kashmir shizocks out! (for those who keep asking: "Sorry, I only make these items as gifts for family and friends". WAIT...hold da phone! this just in: www.makeit4me.com - now public! come by and check it out!)

Spades with friends and spades online.

Cleaning up and laundry! Hey, it ain't a favorite thing to do, but the music sure helps!

Roller blading/skating

Movies & Actors!

America (Lifetime) - sistah gurlll Rosie, you did the dayum thang! and so did Philip "America" Johnson. A movie that must be seen by all, esp. conservative christians against abortion who wouldn't even know where a foster care shelter is located yet claim to be so concerned about the life of every child!!!

Valkyerie - I'm so glad these brave men and women, who decided to make a difference, were honored and will never be forgotten. And Tom Cruise definitely channeled Von Stauffenberg, looks and all.

Lackawanna Blues - since it's premiere night on HBO (2005), I have loved this movie! there are a lot of Nanny Rachel's who kept communities together when things could have fallen apart. talk about an outstanding cast with not one bad performance.

Undercover Brother - OK, if you didn't laff once in this one, something is wrong! "I didn't see her in none of my secret agent classes...I'm still payin' off the loans...I sleep on a pissy mattress...I borrow money for my weed". Sooo many funny parts. And finally, a movie that insults everybody!

Independence Day - no, NOT the Will Smith one, which was entertaining, but the one with Diane Wiest, Kathleen Quinlan and David Keith.

The Color Purple - "Out of Africa" won over this one?! Huh? Now I know why I don't watch the Oscars.

Imitation of Life - an educational and very heartbreaking story of love and family.

El Cantante - wow! forget the dumb reviews. see this movie. excellent AND Oscar worthy performance by Jennifer Lopez. and buy the soundtrack as well. both movie and soundtrack are worth every penny.

Buck & The Preacher - an all-time favorite.

The Forbidden Kingdom - this has become an instant favorite. To see Jet Li and Jackie Chan together was incredible. The fight scenes plus cinematography were also incredible.

American History X - I can never tire of watching this movie (well I cover my eyes for one violent part). Even the cinematography was perfect (black and white when hard and cold, color when relating to others). If you don't see or understand this movie, especially if you're a 6th or more generation U.S. citizen, you're probably part of the problem, or too busy fighting it. Edward Norton and Avery Brooks deserved Oscars for their roles.

The Ten Commandments - gotta check out the gold shoes one of the male servants was wearing during the first born plague. LOL But...ummm...what happened to the sign where Moses places his hand on his chest and it turns white? Oh my bad...edited for Hollywood, a brown man married to an Ethiopian woman coming to say "let my people go" probably wouldn't have done well in theaters. Oh wait..."Prince of Egypt".

Casino - out of control, out of control. All of the acting was outstanding.

Platoon - I still don't know the purpose of the war, but no purpose will justify the amount of lives lost and how they were lost.

Jackie Brown - "Is it this aisle, Louissssss?" And dang, Pam Grier still looks great!

Jungle Fever - From the opening picture (Yusef Hawkins) to the soundtrack to the last credit on the screen, I love this movie! Favorite parts: when the sistahs were sitting around talking ("the war counsel") and when Flipper brought his new girl to dinner with Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. "but you knew she was coming." LOL but Ossie wasn't playing. Even Queen Latifah was serious! and all that talent in one movie (Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Robbins, Michael Imperioli, John Turturro, Tim Robbins, Frank Vincent, Tyra Ferrell, Annabella Sciorra, Anthony Quinn, and more... yet, once again, overlooked by the Oscar voting panel! oh well!

Love Stinks - French Stewart, Bridgette Wilson, Tyra Banks, Bill Bellamy. OMG! Fun-nee. So many favorite parts, including, "you two should be wearing ski masks and holding a gun" and "can't I just kill her and get off, this is L.A.?".

What's Love Got To Do With It - "You tryin' to help Ike?!"

Training Day - DANG!

Malcolm X - Sorry, this wasn't on the list before, but for those who know me, THIS IS a given!

The Players Club - with Bernie Mac, Ice Cube, John Amos, Jamie Foxx, Lisa Raye, Monica Calhoun, Alex Thomas, Charlie Murphy (my crush since Jungle Fever), Faizon Love (my other crush since Friday), Terrance Howard, Anthony Johnson, Adele Givens and my favorite - "Ronnie" played by Chrystale Wilson. but Dollar Bill! O.M.G.

Jason's Lyric - "they don't have none of that on the menu..anybody else that can serve this fool, I'm on my break!"

Set It Off - there wasn't a dry eye in the theater at the end.

Heat - that shootout after the last robbery was intense, and Robert DeNiro AND Al Pacino in the same movie.

Baby Boy - "want some breakfast?" Two Snaps Up, John Singleton!

The Long Kiss Goodnight - "it'll be just a minute." (ok, people, it's entertainment, mindless entertainment! tired of hearing movies are supposed to be the answer to all ideals and beliefs!)

Disappearing Acts - an excellent and realistic love story.

Never Been Kissed - too funny and loved the ending.

So I Married An Axe Murderer - I don't care how bad of a mood you're in, you will laugh! You also can't say you're a Mike Myers fan if you haven't seen this one. I saw it opening weekend and everyone was walking out the theater still laughing from so many funny parts. "He'll be kryin himself to sleep tonite on his huge pilla"

The Associate - with Whoopi Goldberg and Diane Weist. Smart, inspiring and very funny.

Fun With Dick & Jane (2005) - with Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni. Hilarious!

Legally Blonde - "I go here." "You go where?"

Sleeping with the Enemy - "It never started." ooooh, cold, but understandable, along with the ending!

A Bronx Tale - driving backwards? wow, that's power.

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman - man, I need me a Madea in my life! and always good to see Cicely Tyson.

Soul Plane - yes I am the one who liked it, actually love it and can watch it often. It was the comedy it was intended to be. "I wouldn't have even wrote no sh*t like that down." "Take one piece of chicken and pass it back. Don't be greedy."

The Departed - wow! although I predicted the very end. but didn't predict all the racism, but that's Boston, somebody's gotta hate somebody.


Things On TV
The Game (CW) - Two Snaps Up Kelsey Grammer!!! Great direction, writing and acting all around!
House of Payne (TBS) - if you didn't catch the first few episodes, catch up online at tbs.com. hilarious and something whole family can watch!
Family Guy (FOX & TBS) - addicted to it!
The Boondocks (TOON Network and AdultSwim.com) - always a must see.
Drawn Together (Comedy Central) - LMAO!
George Lopez Show (Lopez is the shit & the mother is funnnnny!) (ABC)
The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
America's Next Top Model (UPN)
Reaper (CW - canceled because yall didn't watch!!)
My Name Is Earl (NBC)
The Sopranos (HBO) (missing it very much)
Six Feet Under (missing it! I loved David!) (HBO)
The War At Home (FOX) - damn! yall didn't watch it, now it's gone!
Girlfriends (CW)
Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)
The Shield (FX & DVDs)
Living Single (Oxygen, TVOne)
The Best Damn Sports Show Ever
The History Channel
Animal Planet
(I surf & surf, & always end up here!)

Got a favorite thing to share? E-Mail It!

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