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Operation Beat Down

If a street fight broke out between each of the following, who would win?

Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan:
Jet Li, definitely!58%
Jackie Chan, no doubt about it!42%
Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude Van Damme:
Seagal, of course.69%
Van Damme all the way.31%
Laila Ali vs. Joanie "Chyna" Laurer:
Ali, Ali, Ali!78%
Chyna, you go girl!22%
Once again, my mama vs. someone else's mama:
My mama, OK!95%
The other mama, unfortunately.5%

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

What's Up With It?!

Do you like your job?
Yeah, it's cool.41%
No, it could be better or "What Job?!"59%
How many times a day have you wanted to drop kick your boss?
At least once.33%
OMG. All day long, without a lunch break!67%
Is Human Resources a joke or helpful?
An absolute joke, with laff tracks to match!91%
They're helpful for me.9%
What should your company do about slackers?
Lock 'em all in the bathroom, survivor style.76%
Wait, I'm a slacker...lemme think about that.24%

Relationships Poll

"The Confessional"

Have you ever cheated?
Yes, I have 44%
No, I have not 56%
Have you ever covered for someone who's cheating on someone?
Yes, I have 40%
No, I have not 60%
Can you continue a relationship with someone after you've caught them cheating?
Yes, I can. 24%
Nope, never. It's over. 76%
Who cheats the most?
Men 70%
Women 30%

Death Row, and I don't mean Dr. Dre

"Kill or Keep Them"

Do you oppose the death penalty?
Yes, I'm against it.21%
No, I support it.79%
Your neighbor kills your entire family, and the dog, after raping them all (yes, raping the dog too!) repeatedly. Do you STILL oppose the death penalty?
Yes, I'm still against it.15%
No, I still support it.42%
I'd rather kill them myself.42%
Should we feed, clothe, medicate and house violent and predatory offenders?
Yes, we should.18%
No, kill them or let them fend for themselves.82%
Can violent repeat predators be rehabilitated?
Yes, it is possible.12%
No, hell no!88%

White House 2008

And I'm watching you Floridians! Every vote WILL count here!

WOW!! Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll! And each vote was counted and rechecked!

Who was your presidential choice for 2008?
John McCain5.1%
Hillary Clinton5.1%
Barack Obama46.2%
John Edwards25.6%
Mike Huckabee0%
Ron Paul7.7%
Fred Thompson7.7%
Mitt Romney0%
What Is Your Economic Status? (Dollars and Cents)
Filthy Rich So Keep Back 200 Feet5.1%
Middle Income and Comfortable15.4%
Middle Income Slipping Into Poorville51.3%
Lower Income28.2%
Public/Government Assistance0%
There is a lot of talk about "change". Do you believe it?
Yes I believe.10.3%
Depends upon who is elected.30.8%
Nope, it is just election b.s.59.0%

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