The Questions No One At Fox News Has Asked George Zimmerman Or His Family 

After over a month, George Zimmerman has finally been charged with second-degree murder of teen Trayvon Martin who was simply walking home to his father's home while staying temporarily with his father. (Zimmerman Charged and In Custody!)

While Fox News has been EXCLUSIVELY privy to interviews with George Zimmerman and his family, I noticed questions were asked to justify the shooting of an unarmed teen, and the teen suddenly became a dangerous savage capable of extreme violence with simply Skittles and Ice Tea in his possession (items I don't know how he was able to carry while being a "violent savage" at the same time :|). And I also noticed Zimmerman and his family became heroes to Fox News "opinionators and rhetoric distributors" as well as their loyal viewers because of his family's bashing of President Obama, NAACP and other groups while ironically only speaking to a network that is the equivalent of a 23/7 extreme propaganda network (minus 1 hour for Shep Smith). Sean Hannity, an extreme rhetoric and opinion manager and non-journalist, also encouraged others not to come to a conclusion while presenting his own biased information in favor of Zimmerman and Zimmerman's family.

The one thing that immediately stood out to me: George Zimmerman was repeatedly and INSTANTLY described as a "neighborhood watch volunteer". STOP RIGHT THERE :o

1. IF Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch member, whether volunteer or official, his FIRST and ONLY role was to ensure safety and security for his NEIGHBORS. He instead chose to hunt and kill his neighbor's family without even trying to find out where person's destination was, whether up to no good or not.

2. What happened to approaching Trayvon Martin and simply stating with respect and dignity: Hi, I saw you walking in the rain and just want to make sure all is okay. I'm a neighborhood watch volunteer, my name is George Zimmerman, THEN extend his hand to shake Trayvon Martin's hand OUT OF RESPECT? Isn't that a respectful way to treat people first IF NOT A RACIST and such a decent guy (as reported by his family and countless "friends"), instead of assuming person (which was actually a child) simply walking and looking a certain way is automatically guilty and up to something immediately? Approaching with honesty and respect (why person is being stopped and questioned) is also how respect for one another is built within a community, instead of an "us" against "them" mentality where you live, subsequently and errantly making your own home a war zone!

3. IF REALLY CONCERNED because or prior robberies, as his neighbors who defended Zimmerman's murder of child stated, why not find out with certainty that an unwanted act was in progress, not simply WALKING in progress. Instead Zimmerman's behavior was clearly: "I'm sick of seeing UNWANTED & UNKNOWN black people in my neighborhood, they don't belong here", so "papers please" process began!! Zimmerman exited his safe car, called 911 (as an alibi) and reported one biased comment after another: this GUY looks like he's up to no good (WRONG: he was a child in a new environment trying to navigate home safely in the rain, duh VISIBILITY issues would also be in progress), he's looking around at different houses (UM I do this all the time in my own neighborhood, it's called awareness of environment and even moreso if it's raining), he looks like he's on drugs or something (I now wonder if Zimmerman was drunk, high, etc. because everything about that night makes absolutely no sense and doesn't add up), AND MOST DAMAGING THING: "they" always get away.

Who is "they"? RIGHT THERE, Zimmerman determined Trayvon Martin was a "they" problem, an UNDESIRABLE with ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE. If there were prior burglaries in the area, wouldn't it have made more sense to wait until the CHILD arrived to an actual home and catch him in the act of an ASSUMED burglary and be the HERO OF THE NIGHT instead of a child predator, or simply wait until the child approached a home? WHEN, OH WHEN, is walking and HOW WALKING and with a certain attire a crime? If so, pimps and Ku Klux Klan in full robes should be taken out left and right given their KNOWN treatment of women and non-whites and jews, respectively.

The entire situation was controlled by George Zimmerman, how he made conscious decision to exit his SAFE vehicle then falsely claim his life was at risk to justify killing a child he assumed was a "they". The normal thing to have done: stay in your car and let the professionals handle Zimmerman's (biased) observations, especially if he felt there was a risk of danger from "they", and hopefully apologize to Trayvon Martin's father for the misunderstanding that the professionals would have discovered was created solely by Zimmerman.

Zimmerman when told by police dispatcher, "we don't need you to do that" (as in follow the child), Zimmerman replied with "Okay" BUT preceded to follow the child anyway and with anxiety and anger in his heart, NOT with any intent to obtain truth or protect safety of neighbors. And what if Zimmerman's gun had shot a neighbor who may have also been on the scene or Trayvon Martin's father who may have saw what was happening, walked out and approached Zimmerman from behind while he was packing a loaded gun and confronting a child with anger and rage?

What kind of neighborhood watch doesn't first assume person walking ONLY isn't walking to a home of someone visiting? Again, Zimmerman immediately assumed Trayvon Martin was a problem, a "they". Never once did it cross his mind: this person could be a guest of a resident, and subsequently WAIT for that to be revealed in a respectful way. But George Zimmerman determined that only X-number of blacks were allowed in that community and those blacks must dress and act in a desirable way for a biased clown like Zimmerman, or Zimmerman will weed them (the dreaded "they") out by any means necessary.

George Zimmerman became judge, juror and executioner, which undermines basic civil rights and defeats the purpose of fighting 2+ unfunded wars for the rights of others if our own citizens take the law into their own hands because of their OWN biases ONLY.

George Zimmerman also desired to become a police officer. Unfortunately, through Trayvon Martin, other nightmares have been spared because Zimmerman will no longer be allowed to patrol or "watch", other than watch his back, literally, in prison, where ACTUAL threats, like he is to others on the street, reside. And now in prison, Zimmerman will actually have to learn which non-whites are not a threat to his safety and well-being regardless of how they're dressed or walking, something he should have taken the opportunity to do while he was a free man, i.e., see and speak to persons without preconceived bias and animosity and get to know first and foremost -- becoming a part of the solution, not problem.

Instead, Zimmerman chose to label and group persons unknown, through EVERY fault of his own, as "they" for his "convenience" and justification which seems to satisfy Fox News, the 23/7 propaganda network. How'd that work out for Zimmerman?
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