Zimmerman jury has turned out to be dirtier than Mitt Romney's money 

THE FIX WAS IN on Zimmerman jury. first before I get into this, I'm fully boycotting CNN, even unsubscribed to alerts, removed their bookmarks from site, "unliked" facebook page, unfollowed on twitter because of Mark NeJame, Franke Taff and jurorb37 connection. if I wanted a scam, I'd watch Fox News!

but here's my take:

no DNA on Trayvon Martin. NO DNA on Martin was excused with "it washed away" YET Zimmerman was in the same rain, AND LONGER, to give his bullshit, bogus self-defense statement yet soooooo much blood on Zimmerman HOURS LATER. if anything, blood would have been more preserved on Trayvon Martin once placed into a body bag. and not one drop of Zimmerman's blood on Trayvon Martin's clothing, body, etc. and vice-versa, no Trayvon Martin blood on Zimmerman especially after shooting someone in chest (which confirms he shot the child FROM A DISTANCE). you can only conclude based upon Zimmerman's "it washed away" defense, rain is now the new Tide detergent.

Trayvon Martin was continually described in savage ways by Zimmerman, Zimmerman's supporters. even jurorb37 also removed Trayvon Martin's "child" status. Trayvon Martin was transformed into a large, 6'3" (a lie) grown man with a criminal past that made mafia blush. the fake criminal past of Trayvon Martin was initiated through Fox News' fan base, and you know how those folks just love to release a story and THEN hope it turns out to be true later: Obama birth certificate, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS targeting is Obama's own dirty work, socialism & sharia law, etc. etc. :roll: :2hand:

jurorb37 seemed to be an EXPERT on juries. :| with an attorney husband this doesn't surprise me. ALL it takes is one to affect entire jury. but unfortunately the juror that smelled something fishy (no pun intended) and wanted to walk out, was played, YET AGAIN, by jurorb37. because if that juror had walked out: mistrial, bail continued with child killer unable to access a gun again then retrial AND change of venue.

Taffe gets on air hours before verdict to announce a 5-1 split. Jurorb37 goes on Anderson Cooper hours after verdict to announce 5-1 split. boy, those two sure flocked to CNN right away. :| why? how? lemme guess: MARK NEJAME through his employer, CNN, with direct access to setting them up on national TV to explain THEIR biased views.

jurorb37 stated the law wouldn't allow them to convict Zimmie-boy. which law? SYG law which WAS NOT applicable to this case given Zimmerman refused a hearing on SYG to enter a SYG plea. and self-defense means you made EVERY effort to retreat and had no other choice but to use deadly force. Zimmerman was the aggressor, ignored *instructions* to stand down ("we don't need you to do that, sir"), and was ANGRY and intent upon not letting "they", "fucking coons" :o get away. (and note, Trayvon Martin was killed over assumed theft of personal property, property that was already considered more valuable than the child in a hoodie.)

jurorb37 spoke of Zimmerman with endearment and on a first-name basis, while she referred to Trayvon Martin as "a boy of color", "that boy", and felt "George"'s heart ("they", "fucking coon", "punk") was in the right place. and if you get a chance to see Zimmie's reaction to jurors after acquittal (SICKENING!!) see the continuous HUGE smile and nod to jurors like, "thanks, because my dad couldn't write a letter to get me off on this one! whew!"

NeJame ALWAYS speaks of Zimmerman with first-hand personal knowledge: oh he's at a friend's house, he's hiding at a location that can't be revealed right now, he's in good spirits (yea he should be in good spirits because the fix was in!!!). oh Zimmerman went to the store, he bought eggs, beer and new bullets. oh he won't be back until exactly 5pm (in walks Zimmie at 5pm)... I joke about last two but see the pattern. :| and if you read ALL of NeJame statements on Zimmerman, the pattern is consistent: he ALWAYS (because of pride, vanity and "entitled authority") throws in personal, first-hand information regarding Zimmerman in every interview. how would NeJame know this info???!!!

and here's NeJame explaining rumor that his wife was on the jury. note the tone, first-hand information as well as butt-smoke towards NeJame and ZERO concern for Trayvon Martin or his family: http://www.nejamelaw.com/mark-nejame-in ... ntion.html

names of jurors being kept quiet for privacy. WTF??!! yea, privacy huh? you wanted Zimmerman free, so DEAL with your decision. but my money is on names being held private so no one can connect the scam-dots. I do, however, wish the juror who wanted to walk out would go public, she'd have our FULL support especially if she drops a dime on jurorb37 who sounds like she threw a monkey-wrench into every 2nd-degree or manslaughter direction. because the juror that wanted to walk out was played not only by jurorb37 but many others connected.

a child was killed, how the child was killed sparked an outrage and how he was described after sparked even more outrage. even I was moved to do something, get involved. last horrific killing I actually saw on-air (murder of NYPD Det. Russel Timoshenko) left me shell-shocked, unable to move and withdrawn because here was a person simply doing his job, but was gunned down like an animal whose life had no value.

shell-shocked and unable to move is how I felt after hearing the Zimmerman jury verdict.

this nation has been played, but now the hate for Zimmerman, his supporters and jurorb37 is spreading globally like wildfire. this case is turning out to be the Emmett Till case of my generation: black child goes to visit family in the south. takes a trip to local store which leads to being killed shortly after. child is killed heinously by person that just didn't care for his life, devalued his life from the start with "they", "punk", "up to no good", and "fucking coon". his killer is set free by a dirty, biased jury. THEN while his lawyers do victory dance with blame towards Trayvon Martin (got what he deserved). the child killer smiles about getting away with murder, while his buddies and rabid, misguided fans back-pat him and blame blacks (Nugent, Rove, Limbaugh, Coulter and the like) for not seeing how bad blacks, who don't conform to their "standards of acceptance" (conform to or placate hatred), are wrong, AND even blame... wait for it...the child's clothing and speech by stating how the child was dressed and talked got him what he deserved. :| I tried applying clothing and speech words to rape victims, including child rape victims: you said your ABC's wrong; you shouldn't have worn that Sponge Bob outfit; dress like a slut, get treated like a slut. :o how someone is dressed or how they sound should not facilitate someone else causing bodily harm NOR give them a pass to do so.

equally sickening is the repeated cry of there wasn't enough evidence to even try Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin's parents raised him wrong. WOW. WOW. WOW. :|

what there IS evidence of: this country has not evolved beyond judging someone physically first rather than getting to know without assumptions and predisposition. the conversation with Trayvon Martin began with a biased, negative predisposition from Zimmerman, not a "hi sir, I'm the neighborhood watch guy and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because it's dark and raining and we've had some problems in this area previously". instead the dialog began with a confrontation because of a decision to instantly OUTLAW Trayvon Martin on his own family property and dialogue continued with referring to Trayvon Martin as a "suspect" during Zimmerman questioning and as a "thug" by Fox News media and its fans, including this guy, a minister: https://www.facebook.com/ElijahpaulMoses :o

2012 article with quotes from NeJame shortly after death of Trayvon Martin: http://www.kmvt.com/news/local/George-Z ... 66285.html -- yea, no bias later when "analyzing" story on air :| NeJame was just stating the "law"

video of Mark NeJame and Mark O'Mara commenting on Casey Anthony trial. irony, huh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMpC7RESzv4

:o :o :o a minister: https://www.facebook.com/ElijahpaulMoses can you guess which news network he wholly believes MORE THAN Christ whom he has zero knowledge of. my money is on he's on the deceitful one's team


New Accusations Against Zimmerman Jurors As Sheriffs Office Admits It Allowed Unsupervised Access -- http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/20 ... ed-access/

YET, another smoking gun:

pic of Trayvon Martin's body clutching, I REPEAT CLUTCHING a paper bag. how can someone bang someone's head into concrete and STILL hold onto a bag INTACT: http://www.laprogressive.com/zimmerman-verdict-truth/ PLUS none of Trayvon Martin's blood on Zimmerman after Zimmerman supposedly shot him "up close". absolutely unbelievable that jury couldn't see that!
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